Who We Are


Bringing together talents from retail furnishings, design, and technology backgrounds, PatioFurnitureGroups.com began with LeatherGroups.com in 2002 as a simple way to reduce excess inventory of leather furniture and discontinued styles of leather sofas, loveseats, chairs and ottomans. Through customer response it quickly became apparent that people were excited about being able to purchase using the internet as a medium and a means to acheive deeply discounted pricing. As interest in our products grew, we expanded our offerings to cater to our customers varied tastes and decorating styles. PatioFurnitureGroups.com is the third category furniture site


LeatherGroups.com has become a leader in the world of leather furniture online, with thousands of satisfied customers and orders shipped to every state in the US and with others shipped as far as the Carribean and Puerto Rico. LeatherGroups.com has pioneered the merchandising of leather furniture on the internet. We've developed the experience and logistics to successfully fill orders as well as to acheive customer satisfaction before and after the purchase of their new leather furniture.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

At LeatherGroups.com we believe that it's one thing to make a sale, or to ship a product, however, the true test of a company is not simply if it can sell or ship to the customer, but rather how things are handled if everything doesn't go perfectly. If an item arrives damaged, what happens then? If you've already signed for and received your products, and after that you discover a scuff on your new leather sofa, what then? Our nationwide network of reliable, insured delivery providers delivers orders efficiently and safely every day and through our strong experience in this type of furniture retailing, we've developed practical solutions to handle problems if they do arise and ensure our customers satisfaction and loyalty. A database network of 4000 service centers nationwide are also available for repairs, or minor challenges with your furniture. We're committed to making our customers happy, and have always believed that our success depends upon it.